Executive Chef Shirley Lang

is the Winner of the

‘2014 Woman to Watch’ Award

hosted by Seaside Magazine!



 Kitchens of Distinction Culinary Arts Ltd.

“Cuisine for Discerning Tastes!”


The Kitchens of Distinction Experience

At the heart of our identity is our essence. At Kitchens of Distinction our essence is to elevate the dining experience to the level of a culinary masterpiece. Each dish is crafted in house with fresh local ingredients and inspired by our passion for food. Award winning Executive Chef Shirley Lang brings together flavours that set our dishes apart from the everyday. We believe that the experience we offer will reflect your desire to give only the best to your guests. Chef Shirley creates cuisine that serenades your senses, flavours the conversations at your table, and ensures your event is extraordinary. Chef Shirley will enrich your dining experience by creating a feast that will delight the most discerning of tastes.

A Message to You:

Executive Chef Shirley Lang is an Exclusive Private Chef that has successfully grown Kitchens of Distinction through client referrals for 15 years.

When you host an event, we want you to be able to share exquisite cuisine and exceptional service to those that are important to you. We know what it takes to do this. If you are committed to quality, then we can successfully assist you to host the extraordinary and memorable event you have envisioned.

If you are happy using lower quality ingredients and doing things on the ‘cheap’, we will probably not be a good fit for you. However, if you know that using only the finest quality ingredients combined with care, respect and purpose, and you believe the old saying, “you get what you pay for”, then we invite you to call us to set a time to meet, to discuss how we can work together. Our initial 30 minute consultation is Complimentary.

 Cuisine for Discerning Tastes

The dining experience is one that should be an invitation to breathe in the delicious aromas, be soothed by a symphony of flavours, and awoken to the delights of extraordinary cuisine. Common to every culture is a value placed on dining together and our essence is to make that experience anything but common. “Cuisine for discerning tastes” takes the essence of high quality dining and brings it to your lips with elegance. We aspire to bring the best ingredients, menus and flavor together in a way that will make your dining experience exquisite.

Our Logo

Just like the tag line is an expression of our brand, the logo is our signature. The light font in “Kitchens of Distinction,” creates an elegant look that reflects the class of service and food quality we provide. The glass transitioning into the fork represents the stellar dining experience we offer. The elongated fork bears a resemblance to fine silverware reserved for special occasions. The transition of fork to glass symbolizes pairing a fine wine with an award winning meal to enhance the dining experience. The tag line underneath is indicative of the passion on which Kitchens of Distinction was founded. That foundation is: inspired, flavourful, creative, elegant dining for any occasion.

 Cuisine for Discerning Tastes…

Kitchens of Distinction Culinary Arts Ltd.

Executive Chef Shirley Lang
Cuisine for Discerning Tastes!
(250) 858.7777

Shirley frequently hosted elaborate delicious global feasts for her many prestigious friends and clients within the entertainment and media industry. Regulars included the distinguished actor Robert Ito; producer/director/writer Peter Mohan; cinematographer Rene O’Hashi; executive producer Richard Borchiver; writer/playwright Drew Hayden Taylor; renowned author Yves Lavigne; and countless musicians, actors and media personalities from Coast to Coast.


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Executive Chef Shirley Lang is an Exclusive Private Chef that has successfully grown Kitchens of Distinction through client referrals for 15 years. Chef Shirley, has hosted and created delicious global feasts for her many prestigious celebrity friends, media personalities and entertainment moguls. She is excited to announce the launch of 'Spirit Excursions', a Vancouver Island Culinary tour company.

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